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A Polynesian experience

Inspired by the style of Polynesia, PLAZACARRISI SPA is a unique sensory journey, studied in each detail, in which you indulge yourself, letting yourself be pampered by the steam of the Turkish bath, regenerate from the emotional showers, benefit from the healing properties of the salt room and purifying the sauna.

A corner of the Spa is dedicated to the Source of the Goddess Waiora, the Polynesian goddess of Health and Wellness, a whirlpool tub with waterfalls suitable for cervical care and psychophysical relax, thus indulging in an indispensable hydrotherapy treatment.

In addition, the Taurumi massage offers authentic moments of wellbeing by rebalancing the body and mind, nourishing the skin and the sense of smell with the typical monoi oil, an authentic beauty elixir made of coconut oil and Tiare flowers with a thousand virtues.

The different paths through the caves, waterfalls, lights and colors, relaxing Polynesian background music, the sweet scent of Tiare, the lively one of vanilla and the intense one of coconut, inebriate the air and the atmosphere will be so realistic as to make you live an emotionally Polynesian experience.


BORA BORA GOLD PATH: SPA duration 90 m. + flute prosecco Buena Vida + herbal tea service
EURO 35.00

BORA BORA PLATINUM PATH: SPA duration 90 m. + massage Taurumi MI lasting 30 m. localized antistress (neck and back decontracting or cervical and back relaxation or leg lymphatic drainage) + Buena Vida prosecco flute + herbal tea service
EURO 60.00

BORA BORA LUXURY PATH: SPA duration 90 m. + total body massage Taurumi lasting 50 m. (decontracting, relaxing, antistress) + Buena Vida prosecco flute + herbal tea service
EURO 80.00

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- KIT SPA (surgical mask + spa towel + headset mandatory)

It is possible to make targeted estimates for special personalized events.



The PLAZACARRISI SPA contains a myriad of elements related to psychophysical wellness. In this corner of sensory paradise, everything is treated in every details and it is wisely conceived to give a complete immersion in "wellness".

A unique and overwhelming trip through a path immersed in rocky caves, games of waterfalls, lights and colors. A magical environment in which you can abandon yourself completely, letting yourself be pampered by the steam of the Turkish Hammam. Then you can regenerate yourself in our emotional showers or walking on the pebbles of the Spa path. And again...the trip continues among the countless healing properties of the Halotherapy Room and purifying properties of the Finnish Sauna, finally indulging in an indispensable hydrotherapy treatment in the suggestive hydromassage tub.

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    Salt Room
    A concentrate of marine energy

    A humid environment with a constant temperature of 35 ° in which the early morning sea breeze is recreated. In the past, the salt was called "white gold" for its infinite properties and right here, at PLAZACARRISI, you can benefit from its immense healing power.

    This space uses halotherapy to soothe breathing disorders and help sleep, just like after a day at the beach.

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    The cave of the Turkish bath
    Combination of relaxing and purifying beauty

    A humid place with a temperature of 55 ° and saline mists. A real cave with spectacular rocks from whose ravines are released vapors that are a real panacea for the respiratory tract and blood circulation, as well as favoring the wellness of the skin.

    And while you are gently caressed by a thin cloud of steam, lights and aromas spread throughout the room, giving you a completely unique and overwhelming experience. A suggestive atmosphere, in which the properties of water offer not only benefits but also great emotions.

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    Saline osmosis to eliminate toxins

    Hydromassage with cervical waterfall set entirely in the rock in order to create a precious oasis where you can completely abandon yourself to wellness and socialization. A magical relaxing area made up of chromotherapy and with surprising effects for wellness without limits.

    We have done particular attention to the treatment of water with the aid of salt electrolysis which, through osmosis, invigorates the skin, generating a cardiotonic, draining and anti-stress effect.

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    Spa path
    A walk to reach the pleasure of feeling lighter

    The path surrounds the hydromassage tub. The feet are massaged by small river pebbles and the LED lighting creates a path with a play of lights that emphasizes sensations. A path where jets of hot water alternate relaxing and toning our body.

    Jets of cold water stimulate and invigorate. The alternation of water temperature favors tissue oxygenation and becomes a stimulating game for blood circulation reactivating it naturally.

  • gallery/1024-spa09.jpg
    A glacial revitalization

    It is useful and necessary to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation with consequent vasoconstriction. It is entirely carved into the rock and illuminated by multicolor LEDs to visually reproduce the ancient ritual of cold; the contact with ice, in fact, revitalizes and tones the tissues and strengthens the immune system. It is ideal after sauna and / or turkish bath.

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    Benefits through enveloping warmth

    The word sauna represents fire, heat. A heat that warms the body and soul. This is why the sauna takes on a “spiritual” meaning. Its natural benefits are innumerable including promoting blood circulation, promoting skin purification and fighting states of anxiety and depression.

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    Emotional shower
    An engaging experience both physical and mental

    High-impact emotional shower between the rocky walls. A real precious corner ally of hot treatments (sauna and turkish bath).

    A space to experience a wonderful sensation thanks to a skilful mix of water jets at different temperatures, with numerous effects, lights and aromas.

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    Relaxing room
    With tropical aquarium

    During the trip it is advisable to indulge in moments of relax. For this reason, the relaxation room was created with comfortable chaise lounge beds complete with anatomical supports that facilitate peripheral venous circulation, bringing the limbs up to the heart. It is ideal for interspersing treatments and allowing blood pressure to normalize.

    Room with chromotherapy lights, music therapy where you can drink delicious and fragrant herbal teas to replenish liquids, having as a background a wonderful tropical aquarium that represents a way through which you can reconnect and observe nature, drawing various benefits and reducing stress.